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Terms & Conditions


All prices are subject to change. We will give existing customers not less than 14 days notice of any change in price.
Our regular domestic cleaning prices are lower than our one-off prices on the understanding that you book a minimum of four consecutive cleans.

In the event that you cancel the service before four cleans have taken place we will be entitled to charge any cleans which have taken place to date at our minimum one-off cleaning rate of £85.00 each and the sum thereby assessed, less any payments previously made, will be due & payable immediately.


Payment is due on completion of the service, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with us. Payment may be made in cash, by cheque made payable to Proclean, by credit or debit card or by standing order.

Please note we are unable to confirm a booking for a spring clean, carpet clean or any other one-off clean without valid credit or debit card details. At our discredtion we may pre-authorise payment on your card no more than 24 hours prior to the due date of the arranged service. By providing us with your card details you irrevocably authorise us to debit from your card any sums due in respect of our service.


Please give us as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a scheduled service. If a service is cancelled the day before its scheduled date we are entitled to charge a cancellation fee of 75% of the quoted fee.

Payment in full will be due for any visit which is cancelled on the day of the clean, including any visit where the cleaners are unable to gain access to a property or where they are unable to carry out their duties because of hazardous conditions.

Where your regular visit falls on a bank or public holiday – and we are not working that day – we will do our best to rearrange your visit for a mutually satisfactory time.


We guarantee all our work*. If you are not satisfied with the service you have received from us, please contact the office by telephone or email. We will gladly return and re-clean any areas in question free of charge.

However, please note  that we clean according to the specification provided . We do not clean to a specification provided by a third party, such as a letting agent, unless specifically agreed in writing between us.

This guarantee applies provided (i) you have complied with all your obligations under these terms and conditions; (ii) you have notified us of your concerns by telephone or email within 24 hours of the completion of the service and (iii) you allow our staff access to your property within 48 hours in order to re-clean any affected areas.

For carpet cleaning customers we cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed. We will advise you of the likelihood of successfully removing stains and marks when we carry out our pre-inspection. Beyond this, we guarantee that if a stain or mark is capable of being removed, we will remove it. If we cannot, and another reputable contractor does so at the same price within 7 days of our visit, we will refund our charges.

*Please note our guarantee does apply not where we have not seen the property or carpets to be cleaned prior to providing our quote, particularly in  the case of end of tenancy cleans or pre let cleans, where in our experience  many properties are left in a considerably poorer state of repair than we would normally encounter. 

Please also note our guarantee does not apply in cases where builders or other workmen are on site when our cleaners attend and does not extend to removal of builder’s or tradesman’s debris or the removal of paint or plaster splashes from floors, windows or other surfaces. These tasks are not included in our cleaning specification for either regular or one-off cleaning jobs.


We cannot give you an exact arrival times for any visit. If required, we will give you an indication of when to expect the cleaners and advise you if there is likely to be any undue delay.


Our staff will not enter any environment or clean any areas they consider to be unsafe or potentially hazardous to health. In particular staff are under strict instructions not to clean vomit, blood or any similar hazard.


In the event of any damage or breakages you must inform us as soon as possible and in any event within 24 hours of the relevant visit. Failure to do so will invalidate any claim or potential claim. Please note we do not accept responsibility in any circumstances for damage to lacquered , glossy or highly polished surfaces on furniture, kitchen cupboard fronts or elsewhere. These are cleaned with microfibre cloths but a certain amount of hairline or surfaces scratching is inevitable over time.

If you ask our staff while at your premises to carry out any additional cleaning tasks that have not been agreed with us in advance, we will not be responsible for any damage which may arise during the carrying out of any such additional task(s).

Our liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement cost of the item in question, taking into account its age and condition, and in no event will our liability exceed the sum of £500.00.


You agree that the intimation of a complaint or a claim for compensation for damages under Conditions Four or Seven of these terms does not entitle you to withhold payment for services rendered nor are you entitled to any right of set-off.


Unless specifically agreed in writing our staff will not clean at a height higher than two steps on a ladder. This includes – but is not restricted – to cleaning items such as windows, tops of cupboards, light fittings, tiles etc. If you are in any doubt, please ask before requesting a quote or before our staff visit.


Please note the following points, which apply to all services:

We do not clean walls or ceilings (except for removal of any safely accessible cobwebs). If the walls/ceiling are marked they may need to be repainted. We are unable to clean paint or remove plaster from hard flooring.

We can only clean the freezer ice box if it has/they have been thoroughly defrosted.

We do not clean crockery cutlery etc. These items should be removed from the kitchen cupboards/drawers and cleaned by you. They should be replaced by you after completion of the cleaning service.

You will require to replace any disposable filters in the extractor hood. If there is a permanent filter it should be removed by you and cleaned by you in the dishwasher.

We are unable to clean behind or the sides of any white goods/large kitchen appliances, such as the oven fridge or freezer.

If requested, the washing machine and dishwasher will be wiped out and disinfected, but if these items have been used continously for some time without cleaning, no guarantee can be given as to removal of built-up grime/cleaning product rim or powder drawers etc.

We will clean shower screens, splashback and other tiles as best we can but no guarantee can be given re the removal of built-up soap scum/mould. We do not clean shower curtains. These should be removed and cleaned separately or, in the case of an end of tenancy clean, replaced with the permission of the landlord or his/her agents.

Shelves and units, inside of windows & all other areas to be cleaned including switches, sockets, ceiling roses and light fittings  must be safely accessible without the use of ladders.

If you require the outside of windows to be cleaned you must advise us specifically. This will be done by extending pole system, provided there is safe access for our window cleaning staff from the outside street. An additional charge will apply for cleaning outside windows.

Skirtings, safely accessible window frames and door frames will be dusted/vacuumed to remove build up of dust. Woodwork/windowframes etc will not be washed down unless specifically requested. This is a very time-consuming task for which an additional charge will apply if required.

Professional carpet cleaning is not included in our quote unless specifically stated, but may be included as an optional extra.

We do not clean venetian, roller or other blinds because of the large number of blinds which are poorly fitted and constitute a hazard.

We do not clean bedlinen, mattresses or other bedding.

We do not remove refuse or rubbish, other than 1 or 2 small refuse sacks & provided our staff has access to your bins.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch

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