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Your Autumn Home Cleaning Chores Checklist

It may seem hard to believe but as of today, 1st September we are officially in Autumn. Meteorologically speaking, today marks the start of autumn and the slow descent into winter! Now, hopefully we’ve got a few more weeks of sunshine and warmer weather to come, but now may be a good time to start preparing your home for the colder months ahead

And that’s where our brief checklist of tasks comes into play, helping you prepare your home for the months ahead.

Given the time of year “spring clean” may seem like a misnomer, but it’s just another way of saying deep clean, so there’s no good reason not to “spring clean” in Autumn.

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Where do we start?

First things first there is absolutely no point trying to clean your home if its filled with clutter and mess. Getting rid of clutter will help give you a fresh start and will make cleaning – and keeping on top of cleaning – as you go along that much easier.

Take a long hard cold look at your surroundings. Have you accumulated belongings you no longer need? If so think about a donation to a charity shop or if that’s not appropriate a visit to the dump!

Once you have tidied up in this way it’s time to start cleaning properly. The most important thing to remember is to follow a plan or scheme. Tackle your home room by room or job by job. This way you won’t end up feeling exhausted or frazzled. It also enables you to plan your cleaning over a few days, rather than trying to do everything in one fell swoop.

A deep clean is a great opportunity to tackle those jobs that you don’t get round to that often. So why not move the beds out and hoover behind them, turn your mattresses over or clean the inside of the windows? And don’t forget about cleaning the inside of the oven and fridge.

If all of the above seems too much like hard work or you simply can’t find time in your daily schedule – don’t despair. Think about employing a professional domestic cleaning service. They will have the manpower, equipment and materials to make short work of even the most daunting of jobs. Hopefully the above list will be of assistance as you think about tackling your chores.

If you would prefer to enlist some professional help why not give us a call on 0141 433 4351 for a free no-obligation quote?

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